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The demand and function of industrial robots
Time:2017/9/6 9:02:07  Browse:

Industrial robot:

From nearly 100,000 employees of the "foundry empire" Foxconn, to only a few people of the start-up small business, industrial robots have quietly walked into the growing number of Chinese manufacturing enterprises on the production line. Data show that China is the world's largest growth rate of demand for robots, one of last year's sales of 22,600 units, a total of about 70,000 units, up 51% year on year, while the growth rate of virtue and other countries are below 40% China's industrial robot sales in 2014 are expected to be the first in the world.

The main function of industrial robots: handling, sorting, palletizing, grinding, polishing, cutting, welding, spraying, assembly "" industrial robots almost omnipotent, "as long as the end of the general robot connected to the appropriate operator, will be correct The program written into the control box, theoretically it can do anything. "A senior industrial robot R & D personnel stressed that the robot does not need to rest, will not scold the boss, do not require overtime, will not quit, but will not jump.

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